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The exhibition on display is a huge part of the whisky bottle collection that almost without realizing it, we have been treasuring. Each of our traveling friends and ourselves, one after another, have added whiskys from around the world. True, many are Scots! For something it is the cradle of the distillation of this drink in the world. Scotland has more than 100 distilleries in activity and produces as much of what is sold and consumed throughout the planet, but our collection also features Irish, Japanese, Australian, New Zealand, American, Canadian, Indian, Italian, French, Swede, Nepalese and even Argentines whiskys!

Our country already has three malt whisky distilleries, which promises a good future with the passage of some time and experience in aging.

The largest collection in Patagonia

Today our hall has a sample of more than one hundred bottles, which belong to the Speyside area in the Highland of Scotland. They are undoubtedly a variety of the most famous and best quality malt whiskys known.

Periodically, we will change the exhibition in order to reveal bottles from the rest of the world, blend, independent bottling, bourbons and a huge variety with which we surprise our customers every day.

Of course, it is not just about looking… In this hall, we offer bottles for sale, closed or by measure, and even some surprises that you can not try anywhere else in the country!

Let’s enjoy it!

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